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Jul. 30th, 2009

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Artisan #1 - Soon To Be Announced

I met with a local artisan this evening, and it looks like she is excited to get her stuff ready so I can include it in my booth in a couple of weeks. She is a very nice lady that lives just around the corner from me here in Syraucse.
I love the cute little purses she sews up for little girls. Which is the reason I reached out to her in the first place. Breezy (my daughter)  had bought one at Heritage Days for the MadFish (that would be my beautiful, fun, very energetic granddaughter...who will be turning three next month) and I thought it was the cutest thing!

Sweet Sewing Lady (I'll provide more details about her after she has signed the contract and joined the AL team) is going to be making up a bunch of her stuff so I can pick it up next week.  I'll post pictures as soon as I can! 

You're gonna love the cute things she sews.  Especially if you have little girls.

Jul. 25th, 2008

Charoite Focal Stones........from India

One of my orders for charoite focal stones arrived in the mail yesterday. ..... All the way from India.   I had to laugh as I opened up the box.  The shipper took such great care to ensure that my stones arrived safely.  They were wrapped up in bubble wrap, and styrofoam, and gauze material, and more styrofoam......and I think they may have even used half a roll of shipping tape in the process.  It took me about five minutes to find the beautiful treasures hidden deep within the center of the box.

Oh...and they are so beautiful!  There are only four of them.  But they are all cut differently and will be amazingly georgous wire wrapped!

I hope this picture comes through.  Although, it really doesn't do these beauties justice.


Jul. 23rd, 2008

Illusion Necklace and Earrings - A Fun Crimping Technique

That SLC to Ogden rush hour traffic can really be a beast in the evenings.  I barely made it on time to my jewelry workshop last night..  Fortunately, I only had to go from Salt Lake City to Kaysville or I wouldn’t have made it in less than an hour and 15 minutes.


I made an illusion necklace and a pair of darling dangle earrings using Beadalon 19 strand gold plated wire, pearls, and swarovski crystals.  The main skill we were using was the proper technique to use with crimp tubes and the micro crimping tool.  This is a really fun and easy project.  I am going to incorporate something similar to this into my Make-N-Take Jewelry Workshops, because once a person finishes the necklace he/she will be a pro at using crimp tubes, and will walk away feeling a sense of accomplishment at learning a new skill.  I remember the first time I learned that there was actually a “correct” way to use a crimp tube, and that you are supposed to do more than just “squish” the tube tightly against the wire or ribbon.  And once I mastered that easy technique I felt empowered, and couldn’t wait to make more jewelry using crimp tubes!


I’ll look for the digital camera when I get home from the office today and snap a picture of the illusion necklace so you can see what all the fuss is about.

Cabochons and Focal Beads/Pendants Have Arrived

I have received most of the cabochons and focal beads/pendants that I ordered last week. Some of them are so amazingly beautiful! I can’t wait to share them with you all. I hope to have them added to the Artisans' Loft store this weekend. It is going to be hard to part with some of them. But, as they have been trickling their way into my studio I have come to the realization that I ordered way too many, and it would be impossible for me to create jewelry art with each one. Hopefully, some of you will see the beauty that is within the designs on these stones and feel inspired to create your own jewelry art with one or two of them.

Have an amazing day!

Jul. 22nd, 2008

Fun Jewelry Projects Coming Your Way

Last night I spent some time creating a few fun jewelry projects to teach at Make-N-Take Home Workshop/Parties.  These projects will also be available already made and ready to wear; and in kits that you can purchase to take home and make yourself if you are a die hard jewelry making fanatic like me.

Tonight I am taking a jewerly making class myself, as one of my goals is to continue learning new techniques which I can pass along to you all through classes, workshops, or final works of jewelry art!  

After my class tonight I hope to find some more free time so I can come up with a few more projects and then send off my order for tools, beads, findings and things.

I need to check into the details for selling at the Kaysville Farmers' Market on Thursday afternoons.  I have a friend that sells her teas there and does fairly well....and she suggested that I look into selling there myself. 

Oh....I got a bunch of those cabs that I ordered last week.  I am very pleased with most all of them.  I'm going to have a hard time parting with a few of the really awesome ones.  Though, I guess that is the way it must be.

Happy Crafting!

Jul. 16th, 2008

A Bunch of Cabochons & Focal Pendant Beads On The Way


This morning I ordered a bunch of cabochons and focal pendant beads in a variety of fun stones.  Here is a small sample of what is to come:


v     Imperial Agate

v     Multi-Color Cappuccino Jasper

v     Pakistani Onyx

v     Picasso Fossil Snail & Clam Jasper

v     Natural Turquoise

v     Chtysocolla Jasper

v     Red Green Garnet

v     Exotica Jasper

v     Volcano Cherry Quartz

v     Plumite Jasper

v     Amazonite

v     Sugilite Jasper

v     Green Onyx

v     Petrified Coral Fossil Agate


When I purchase from suppliers that are out of state, I like to see a picture of each stone first, and have found several suppliers that will also provide me with detailed information, along with the pictures of the stone itself.  This helps me to envision the stone (which is already a work of art after it has been cut and polished) as a finished piece of jewelry art!  No two stones are alike…nature is funny that way…and I find that I end up getting carried away in the pictures and designs I discover in each piece, so I tend to purchase a few too many.


I will be adding each individual cabochon and focal pendant bead to the Artisans’ Loft website store (www.artisansloft.org).  There is no way that I will be able to use every single stone that I fancy myself to purchase all at once.  So, if one of my friends decides to purchase it and get creative with it before I get the chance, I only ask that you please share a picture of your art.  I would love to see what you create with Artisans’ Loft beads.

Jul. 15th, 2008

Artisans Loft Logo

Welcome to Artisans' Loft


Artisans' Loft has been a dream of mine for many years. As a lover of so many crafts, I was looking for an outlet to use my creativity to its fullest, and hopefully be able to help other artisans along the way.

So you ask, what exactly does Artisans' Loft have to offer?

* Hand Crafted Items by Local Utah Artisans (and some that are not so local as well)

* SuBri Jewelry & Accessories - My own handcrafted items

* Unique and Eclectic Gifts

* Beads and Findings (including unique stone pendants)

* Jewelry Making Tools and Supplies

* SuBri's Favorite Finds which include; Fine Sterling Silver Jewelry, Gold Filled Jewelry, and Some Fun Fashion Jewelry and Accessories

* Jewelry Making Workshops/Classes

* At-Home Jewelry Parties (Open House Style - or - Make-N-Take Jewlery Art Parties)

* Other Art/Craft Related Workshops/Classes as New Artisans join the Loft!

Artisans' Loft is looking for local artisans that create unique works of art and handcrafted items. If you have something we think is fun, unusual, unique, or that just has that extra WOW factor we want to sell it...and help promote you as a local (or not so local) artisan!

Think you have what we're looking for? Email me at sue@artisansloft.org I look forward to hearing from you!